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Kind Words



IAs always, the Solstice concert marks the beginning of our Christmas season and celebration. We enjoyed it so much!

Glenn Rutherford (The Bassment, December 2023)

On behalf of GPUC, thank you all so much for the brilliant concert, which people are still talking about. You helped us raise $4500 towards our renovations! We can't thank you enough!

Council and Congregation of Grosvenor Park United Church (April 2023)

Thoroughly enjoyed the concert last night! It was excellent! It is always a delight to see how much fun all of you are having, too! We had two people with us who had not been to one of your concerts, before. Needless to say, they were very impressed!

Diane Selby (2022 Jazz Night at The Bassment)

Was at your show in December. Loved your song "Heaven Help Us All". Loved how the group performed the song. So beautiful to look at both sides, the victim and the instigator. Thank you!

Vera Thiessen (2022 Jazz Night at The Bassment 

Solstice is so uplifting and enjoyable!


Guest from Grandmothers for Grandmothers Gala (March 2020)

Jean, Lori and Pam at G4G gig.jpg

I enjoyed the concert very much. Thank you. It lifted my spirits seeing you all have so much fun and hearing all your gorgeous harmonies. I loved the few times you sang unaccompanied. Your voices and harmonies really had a chance to shine.

Pat Chubb (Grace Westminster Gospel

Concert 2018)

(Solstice is) awesome! The music was great and the brunch was fabulous! Two and a half hours of entertainment and a great meal for $35 - best deal in town!

The tickets usually go on sale at the beginning of May, so I already put a reminder on my phone for next year!

-Melanie Sitter (2016 Jazz Festival Brunch)

My friend first took me to the Sheraton Jazz Solstice Brunch several years ago, and we are faithful with that commitment, calling on the first day tickets are available! We also attended the Grosvenor Church (gospel concert) and The Bassment Christmas show, both of which were terrific!

-Louise Anderson (2016 Jazz Festival Brunch)

I was just walking downtown and a man ran out of a store to call out to me to say how much he enjoyed the show (the Brunch).He said he wants to get a table for next year, so he can bring his parents and siblings.

- Rod Bell (2016 Jazz Festival Brunch)

backstage at Grace Westminster Nov. 18, 2022.jpg
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